Pullman Brake Car


New Run of Pullman Brake Cars these brake cars where originally Kitchen Cars in later years converted into brakes. Made from brass with working interior table lights and roof lights opening doors sprung bogies stainless steel rims rechargeable battery in battery box for running on non powered track recharge on powered track



Note this item can now be pre-ordered on www.greenwoodandpring.co.uk

New Pullman cars will be offered in three main livery styles:

  • Pre-1929 umber and ivory white waist band to cantrail/roofline
  • Post-1929 standard umber and cream colours
  • BR modern era (Post-1959) ┬ástandard umber and cream with simplified line livery.

Pullman car numbers.

  • Parlour brake car no. 67
  • Parlour brake car no. 68
  • Parlour brake car no. 69
  • Parlour brake car no. 70
  • Parlour brake car no. 71
  • Parlour brake car no. 72

Pullman car specifications:

  • Meticulously researched using original drawings, image material and examples of preserved and modified stock
  • Beautiful hand-made solid brass fine scale soldered construction ensuring superb body detail
  • Interior LED lighting provided by lit Pullman table lamps
  • Finished in long-lasting and robust oven baked satin paint
  • Coach nameboards commemorating famous expresses
  • Ball bearing mounted axel boxes for free running bogies
  • Solid stainless steel disc wheels with back-to-back set at 29mm
  • Conversion pack for standard/coarse scale Hi Rail wheels set at 27.5mm
  • Three coupling types: Pullman cars come with standard Kadee style couplings. Conversion packs for screw link drop or alternative buckeye couplings are available. Note the screw link drop coupling is suitable to align with ACE style drop link couplings
  • Removeable carriage body for the fitting of figures.


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Pullman Brake Car