Greenwood Model Railway Products

We are family ran business from Swanage, Dorset. The company is new so the products that we are producing at this present time is small, however this is expanding day by day.

Our plan is to fill all your requirements by making/producing bespoke as well as generic models to ensure you the customer can have the best for your layout.

Purbeck Model Railway Club

Happy New Year To All

  • This Club has been in the Isle of Purbeck for quite some time
  • Large O Gauge Layout Based on Swanage Branch Line and later on Main Line through Wareham
  • OO Test track and other Layouts

In January 2015 we moved to Godlingston Manor Farm in loft area of one of the old stone barns

  • We have a workshop night every Wednesday
  • On the first Friday of the month

We would like some more members to join us to help build the Swanage Branch Line and about 450 feet of double main line running though Wareham will be built at later date

For more information please call Mike on 07872175754

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